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About Us

In 1925, chemist Hermann F. Borner founded Sanhelios, a pharmaceutical company, in Berlin. He created the world's first odorless garlic drops, Sanhelios 333, which were a top seller for decades throughout Germany. Eventually, Sanhelios' product selection grew to dozens more natural supplements all created to aid in better health for everyone.


The name Sanhelios means "from the sun" which is the inspiration behind many of the products, taking elements of nature and using them to benefit the consumer's health.


Our company continues to innovate and manufacture exclusively in Germany with modern science at the forefront, back by their nearly 100 years of expertise. We continue to be at the cutting edge of developing supplements that are relevant to consumers today and their needs to achieve and stay healthy. Sanhelios stands for quality, longevity, and customer satisfaction, guaranteeing the efficacy of their products.